Easy Vegan Wrap

Super Quick and Easy Veggie Wrap

I’m finding more and more that with my busy days, I like quick and easy go-to lunches for myself (and for the hubby).  This super quick and easy veggie wrap has been a lunch staple for years.  It may seem like it wouldn’t be very filling with just the veggies, but serve it up with a side salad and I am satisfied for hours.  Quick and easy is just my style for most lunches!

One of the beautiful things about this lunch is that it can be modified SO many ways – add extra veggies, try out different combinations, even go for bread instead of the wrap.  I usually just use whatever is handy, but sometimes I give it an ethnic twist with hummus, curry sauce, salsa, or even marinara for an Italian spin.  I don’t usually add in vegan meats of any kind because I love the taste of the veggies on their own, but they could easily be added for additional flavor, bulk, and soy protein.  Here’s my basic version:

Super Quick and Easy Veggie Wrap:

1 tortilla (I usually use whole wheat but for the picture all I had was white – equally good with sprouted or gluten-free tortillas)

1/2 tomato, sliced

2 slices of onion, diced

generous handful of lettuce

1 Tbs vegan ranch (I just mix up 1 Tbs Vegenaise with a ranch mix that I get from Penzey’s spices)

A few drops hot sauce (optional)

Spread the ranch on the tortilla.  Assemble veggies down the center of the tortilla, then sprinkle on hot sauce if desired.  Fold tortilla and eat!

(I know, I know, the directions are SO complicated…) 🙂

Finished product:

Super Quick and Easy Veggie Wrap


Super Quick and Easy Veggie Wrap


Do you have any favorite on-the-go lunch foods?  Leave ideas in the comments to share with all the busy ladies out there!

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