Organizing the Spice Drawer

Organizing the Spice Drawer

All of my spices live in two top drawers next to my stove.  As much as I’ve always wanted a fancy spice rack, or a magnetic strip to hang them within easy reach, instead I’ve always struggled with a mish-mash of spice bottles crammed in drawers, labels completely out of sight.  Trying in a frustrated panic to find the right spice while my dish is burning on the stove is a normal dinner-time event in my kitchen.

Now I don’t know about you but I’m always trying to find ways to penny-pinch.  Saving money makes me happy, which is partly why I haven’t spent the money to organize my spices.  But I finally got sick and tired of it, and decided to try to make the best of the situation while at least improving it somewhat.  Organizing the spice drawer became top priority.

Enter free cardboard post-office boxes and label stickers.

First I consolidated all the spices that were in multiple bottles (sometimes I buy more because I don’t know I already have it!!).  Then I labeled (get this) the TOP of each bottle.  I know, genius, right?  The hardest part of the project was measuring to make sure all the cardboard pieces were the correct length and height.  But once I managed that, I simply made a cut a slice in each piece to fit them together, and voila!

Kitchen Solutions for Spice Drawer

The Mexican chili powder is apparently being a rebel – look at that sideways label!

It worked so well that I did the second drawer too:

Kitchen Solutions for Spice Drawer

I can’t even tell you how excited I am to make dinner tonight.  It’s going to be AMAZING.  I’ll actually be able to tell what spice I’ve grabbed before I accidentally pour a bunch of cinnamon sugar into my stir fry.

In all its organized glory:

Organizing the Spice Drawer

How do you go about organizing your spice drawer?  Will you try this cheap and easy method?

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  1. What a perfectly simple, easy to use, practical idea! I’ve never thought to do this and I’ve tried all sorts of different ways to have spices close to hand and not sprawling in anarchic disarray in the cupboard. The labels on the top of the bottles is sheer genius. Thanks!

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