The Many Uses for Coconut Oil

Ah, the coconut.  Arguably one of the world’s most perfect foods.  Coconut is technically a fruit (the seed of the coconut palm), not a nut, although it is unique in that the shell contains a large amount of liquid.  This liquid is the coconut water, which can be used as a refreshing drink or even […]

Basic Cheeze Dip

I don’t know about you, but for me, avoiding cheese is the absolute most difficult part of being vegan.  Vegan meats taste great, vegan ice cream is to die for (hello Coconut Bliss), and non-dairy milks work perfectly… But when it comes to vegan cheese, there is still a LONG way to go.  Every time […]

Cheap and Easy Vegan Meals

One of the things I hear frequently from people who are interested in a vegan diet is that they are concerned about the cost.  It makes sense – they see high-priced specialty foods in stores and think, “Whoa!  I could never afford to eat like that!”  But the truth is that a vegan diet can […]